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What To Do: Twos

Many different teams are dominated by a specific personality type. If you have multiple Enneagram Twos on your team, this article is for you!

So how do you know if you have a bunch of Twos on your team? If your team hasn't looked into the enneagram and you don't know for sure, here are a few questions to help you determine for yourself:

  • Do people on your team struggle with burnout?

  • Do they have a hard time saying "no" when people ask them to do things?

  • Do people on your team often fail/forget to do things because they're often busy helping others?

  • Do they seem to take everything personally?

  • Do several people on your team seem highly aware of other's emotional needs?

  • Is your team usually super-helpful and available to serve people?

If you answered yes to 4 or more of those questions, odds are you've got some Twos on your team.

Twos can really be a gift to a team, especially when led by someone who can cast vision, yet be aware of people's feelings around them. Twos are loving, servant-hearted people who will do just about anything you need to be done. They'll step in and step up to help in just about any way they can, and they'll work long hours to get the job done. Very few others will sacrifice of themselves like a Two. 

On the other hand, though, Twos, because of their service-oriented bent, are often prone to burnout and bitterness. Leaders and teams can easily take advantage of Twos, not even meaning to. It's just that they are so willing to help that the rest of the team usually doesn't have any problem letting them.

Here are a couple of great tips on what to do with the Twos on your team in order to have success together.

First, Twos are very unlikely to express when they need help. They are excellent helpers towards others, but find it very difficult to be helped by others. Because of this, leaders and teammates need to check in on their Twos by directly asking, "How are you?" and "How can I help you?" They'll say "I'm fine," but don't get in the habit of accepting that right away. It's okay to dig a little deeper.

Second, Twos need very clear guidelines about what they are responsible for. If they don't have that, they'll easily fill their plate with things to do to help others around them and will often neglect the things that are actually their main responsibilities. You can allow them to help others, but make sure they know what their priorities are and get those things done first.

Finally, invite your Twos to accompany you in something that you don't need their help in. Twos, sometimes by their own doing, have come to believe that they are only valued for what they can do for others. Show them that is false by asking for their presence, even when you don't need their help. 

Leading Twos, like any number, can be challenging. But when done well, they are a critical and impactful part of any team. A healthy Two can help your team thrive in every season!


Are you an Enneagram Two? Or do you have several Twos on your team? We would love to hear your thoughts on this article. Reach out to us on social media or email us directly at 


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