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“I need you to help me not quit my job.”

I’ve had multiple 1:1 coaching calls in the last few weeks that started with this statement.

So what is the key to being able to help people who say this? There are two things:

1. Listening. Listening listening listening. By internationally listening to people share their struggles and experiences, I can often pick up on patterns they’re not aware of. Today something I noticed was that a vast majority of the things someone experienced came as a result of “someone else said…” rather than directly from the person who was supposedly the source of the problem. Unpacking that allowed the person I was coaching to have a more open mindset, which is needed to have the important, tough conversation they need to have.

2. Team coaching and training. Because I work with entire teams, I train everyone and I know everyone. So when I have a 1:1 coaching session and they are having issues with someone else on their team, I know that person. I know how they think and how they communicate and what they’re struggling with. So when I am coaching an individual, I’m able to do it with so much more context than most people who are coaching. It’s my open-secret weapon, if you will.

Helping people get through hard moments in their careers and developing healthy relationships and communication with their teammates…I absolutely LOVE what I get to do with my clients.


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