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These 5 Minutes Will Make You More Productive Forever!

Do you ever get to the end of your week and feel like you’ve done a lot, but accomplished basically nothing?

In your case, the issue may not be figuring out how to do more, but how to accomplish more by doing less. Learning to prioritize your to-do list will help you to actually accomplish the most important tasks this week!

While there are many methods, here’s mine:

I start each workday morning by looking at my entire to-do list. Out of that list, I pick out all the tasks that are easy and will take me less than 5 minutes…that’s my Quick Task list. Then, I pick the 3 most important things on my list…that’s my Top 3.

If you have trouble picking a Top 3, try asking yourself this question: ”If I could only accomplish 3 things today, what should they be?” While there are some tasks that are just generally important, you may also want to consider things like deadlines, opportunities, and whether or not someone else is waiting on you to do something.

Once you have identified your Top 3, look at your calendar and decide when you’ll work on them. Put them earlier in the day if possible, that way if something else comes up, you can be flexible and still have a chance to accomplish your Top 3 later in the day.

Got your Top 3 in the calendar? Time to knock out your Quick Tasks. This will give you some productivity-momentum that will launch you into checking off your three most important tasks that day.

You may not finish everything on your to-do list, but you can be sure that at the end of each day, and the end of each week, you’ll have spent your time and energy on your most important tasks!


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