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3 iPhone Productivity Apps You Need Now

Let's talk about productivity apps. If you're like me (first of all, bless you), you will regularly rummage through your app store to find all of the latest and greatest apps out there. One of my favorite places to browse is the Productivity section. (As a disclaimer, I'm an Apple user, so I'm talking about the iOS app store...if you're not an Apple person, some of my suggestions may or may not be available to you.)

I'm an app junkie, especially when it comes to productivity tools. While I could make a very long list here of everything I use, let me boil it down to my 3 favorites.

#3 - Scannable

First, let's talk about Scannable. Scannable is created by Evernote, but you don't have to have Evernote to use it. There are tons of scanning apps out there, but Scannable is by far my favorite. In fact, there is a similar feature now built into the Notes app on iOS devices, but I still prefer Scannable. All you have to do is point your camera at a piece of paper or whiteboard and Scannable will do the rest. If it doesn't catch the edge of the image correctly, you can easily go back and adjust it. You can then save it as a PDF or JPG, either on your phone or into a service like iCloud or Google Drive. You can also text or email the image directly in the app. It's all super convenient and works extremely well. 

#2 - Calendly

Next up is Calendly. Calendly is AMAZING! It syncs up with the calendar on my phone and allows me to send a link to anyone who wants to schedule a meeting with me. They can choose the time that works best for them within the parameters I've already set up and within my current availability. You can upgrade the service if you want, but the free one is fully-functional and awesome. If you want to test it as a user, you can set up a virtual meeting with me here. No really, use this link to meet with me!

#1 - Asana

Finally, my go-to app is Asana. Again, there are a ton of similar-ish to-do list apps out there, and many of them are great. Asana just happens to be my favorite. You can keep all your different tasks organized and on track with Asana. You can set timelines and sub-tasks. You can leave comments, useful links, attachments, etc. You can see everything on one big calendar. You can invite others into your team to collaborate. I could go on and on with the features. 

Probably my favorite thing about Asana is that I can organize my daily tasks with custom headings. Each morning Asana populates my list with everything due that day, which I then quickly sort into smaller lists based on priority and how much time they'll take. It's awesome.

I love Asana! 

These are just a few of the great productivity apps out there. If you've got some that you love, we'd love to hear about them. Feel free to email us or connect over social media and share your favorites!

Honorable Mentions

It was tough to pick a Top 3. Here are a few others that could have easily made the list:

  • Buffer: schedule out all of your social media posts ahead of time

  • Doodle: find a time where multiple can meet

  • Spark Post: create quality graphics on the fly that fit any need

  • Pocket: save blogs, articles, and other web sites in a reader-friendly format for later

Want more than just apps?

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