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Choose To Celebrate The No’s

No can be a hard thing to hear. I’m not talking about a kid asking for candy; I’m talking about hearing no when you’re in sales or especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

When your paycheck depends on getting yesses, a no can be heartbreaking…not to mention potentially bank-breaking!

But any good sales-person or marketing professional will tell you that you have to ask a lot of people before you get a yes. On average, the same person will need to go see your brand, product, or service at least seven times before they’ll buy from you! How many of us are giving up after the first, second, or third try? Don’t be afraid to keep going.

When you hear a no, you’ve got two choices:

First, you can be discouraged and disheartened. You can take it personally and decide you’re a bad salesperson, and eventually, you can give up, deciding it will never work.

The second option is better. Rather than getting discouraged by the no, remember that you’re now one no closer to getting your next yes.

That mindset shift could be just what you need to go keep going.


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