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An Open Letter To Enneagram Eights

Dear Eight,

I just want to drop a short letter here to you to say how grateful I am for your presence in the world. I know you are often misunderstood, but trust me when I say, I see how big of an impact you are making. I know that you are passionate and dedicated and that you care deeply for people, especially those who are hurting and those who are taken advantage of.

I'm sure it must be difficult when people label you with things that aren't really you. I bet sometimes people don't think you care, when I know that it is just the care so much! And I know that the only time you are "mean" is when you are being "mean" on someone else's behalf!

Can I give you just one thing to think about? Just remember that you aren't a superhero. I get that you aren't saying that, but sometimes our actions speak louder than our words. Again, I hear you. Like you've said before, it's not that you want to be the boss; you just know that someone has to do it and when no one else steps up, you have to. And again, let me say thanks for being the kind of person who will stand in the gap for others. But you can't always do that. Like, literally, you can't. You'll eventually die! And again, I hear you: everyone is going to die, so you might as well do it while making a difference. But while you are planning your fiery-heroic exit, the rest of us really need you to stick around for the long-haul, which means slowing down every now and then. Sometimes what I need from you is to stop saving the world in order to sit with me. Sometimes what I need is for you to take off your battle-helmet and show me your face. I'm not saying you need to be that way all the time, or even most of it. But every now and then, remove that superhero cape and rest with me. The world will still be there with all its bumps and bruises, ready for you to get back to work when you put the cape back on.


The Rest Of Us


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