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What To Do: Sixes

Many different teams are dominated by a specific personality type. If you have multiple Enneagram Sixes on your team, this article is for you!

So how do you know if you have a bunch of Sixes on your team? If your team hasn't looked into the enneagram and you don't know for sure, here are a few questions to help you determine for yourself:

  • Does your team often feel anxious?

  • Do multiple of your teammates tend to think in terms of "worst-case-scenario"?

  • Does your team highly value safety and security?

  • Do multiple people on your team seem to have trouble forming their thoughts into words?

  • Is your team usually calm under pressure?

  • Do many of the people on your team work better with hard deadlines?

If you answered yes to 4 or more of those questions, odds are you've got several Sixes on your team.

Sixes can really be a gift to a team. They are loyal and tough. Healthy Sixes think things through in great detail, and their ability to prepare for situations others might not consider can literally be a lifesaver.

On the other hand, though, Sixes can easily become overwhelmed by their own anxiety. They can freeze up or even lash out when cornered. And if they don't trust the person in charge, they might start a revolution!

Here are a couple of great tips about what to do with the Sixes on your team in order to succeed together.

First, Sixes need to feel safe and secure. If you have to have a hard conversation with a Six on your team, begin by ensuring them that you are for them and that their place on the team isn't in jeopardy (unless, of course, it is).

Second, when a Six gets overwhelmed by the "what ifs," ask the question back to them. "Okay, so let's say that thing does happen. What would you do?" Many times Sixes are more equipped to deal with situations than they realize and helping them come to that conclusion can help a lot!

Finally, Sixes tend to do better with limited options than open-ended questions. Rather than asking, "What do you think?" ask "What do you think about X and Y? Which is better? What problems do you see?" Sixes usually think with a lot of detail, so craft your questions to match. 

Leading Sixes, like any number, can be challenging. But when done well, they are a critical and impactful part of any team. A healthy Six can help your team thrive in every season!


Are you an Enneagram Six? Or do you have several Sixes on your team? We would love to hear your thoughts on this article. Reach out to us on social media or email us directly at 


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