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The One Accessory You Must Have For Your New MacBook

So, you just got a fancy new MacBook…congratulations! There’s a lot to love there, for sure. But you may have noticed a feature -or lack thereof- that has you feeling bluer than the good old plastic iPhone 5C: There’s no way to connect all of your old accessories! Most new MacBooks only have a couple of little USB-C ports, and while that may be the wave of the future, the present has a wide variety of plug-in needs (USB, HDMI, etc).

Now, Apple is very aware of your need to connect your shiny new computer to all of your devices, monitors, and external hard drives. So, if you desire, you can buy the adapters you need from them. You’ll just have to shell out a bazillion dollars if you go that route. Assuming that’s not how you want to blow your entire tax return, we’ve got a cheaper option for you.

The hub comes in multiple colors to match whatever MacBook you have. It plugs into the two USB-C ports you have on your computer and gives you a lot in return. When it’s all said and done, there are still 2 USB-C ports (one of which is also a Thunderbolt port for charging), an HDMI port, and 2 USB 3.0 ports. There is no software to install; you simply plug it in and use it.

Buy it here on Amazon. You’re welcome.


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