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Elevate Your Team's Leadership: A Self-Reflection Challenge

Strong leadership is contagious, but are you creating the environment for your team to shine?

The Challenge: Many executives haven't critically assessed their own leadership style. This can create blind spots that hinder leadership development across the whole organization.

Empower Growth Through Self-Reflection:

Here's a powerful self-assessment exercise for executives to identify areas for development, both for themselves and their teams:

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high) in the following areas:

  • Personal Performance: Assess your ability to translate vision into actionable goals and hold yourself accountable for achieving them.

  • Leading Performers: Evaluate your effectiveness in delegating tasks that challenge and develop your team's skills while providing the support they need to excel.

Extend the Reflection to Your Team:

Now, use these same two categories ("Personal Performance" and "Leading Performers") to assess each member of your leadership team. Encourage open and honest conversations during this process.

Building a Leadership Development Plan:

By reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses - both individually and within your leadership team - you can create a targeted development plan. This plan should include resources and initiatives to address identified gaps.

Take Action:

  • Schedule time for self-reflection.

  • Lead open discussions with your leadership team using the self-assessment categories.

  • Develop a leadership development plan tailored to your team's needs.

  • Seek out leadership development resources for yourself and your team.

Together, let's build a community of leaders committed to elevating their teams.

P.S. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! We can all learn from each other on this leadership journey.


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