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4 Things You Must Have If You Work On-The-Go

In today’s economy, many of us work outside the confines of the traditional office. Instead, we’ve traded in our cubicle for a table at the local coffee shop. This has some obvious advantages. The freedom to work remotely can be a really great thing, especially if you are organized and driven to get things done.

But there are some drawbacks as well. Away from the regular office space, we are forced to carry our work with us, and the tools we use to do that work. For many people, that means a tablet computer of some kind. Personally, I use the iPad Mini (5th Generation), and I love it. But I have found that there are a few things that supercharge my productivity and ensure I have everything I need to survive the remote workday…

1. Bluetooth Keyboard

While you can type on an iPad pretty well, the iPad mini gets pretty cramped if you’re trying to type more than simple text messages. A good Bluetooth keyboard is a game-changer! Apple’s version is great, but it is both pricy and honestly doesn’t travel well. Because it is activated by the push of any button, carrying it openly in your backpack will eventually drain the battery, as the keys will constantly get pushed. Instead, I use this super-compact, foldable keyboard from Sounwill. It works with Apple, Android, and Windows tablets. It is comfortable to use, has good battery life, and is extremely affordable ($27 on Amazon!). I love mine!

2. Logitech Crayon

The Apple Pencil is awesome, no doubt. But it is pricey! Personally, I was too afraid of either losing it or breaking it to pull the trigger. But then I found the Logitech Crayon. It is an electronic stylus, very similar to the Apple Pencil. While it doesn’t do every magic thing the Pencil does, I would say it is about 90% of the capabilities at just over 50% of the cost. It also charges with a standard lightning charger and isn’t round, so you don’t have to worry about it rolling away! I absolutely love mine and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to get the Apple Pencil, but not wanting to break the bank.

3. Lacdo Soft Case

Pulling it all together, there is a simple but great case from Lacdo that only costs $9 on Amazon. It has a padded main pocket, accessible by zipper, and an outer half pocket which can be closed via Velcro. It is the perfect size for my iPad mini, Bluetooth keyboard, Logitech stylus, and even a case full of my business cards.

4. Moko Accessories Case

Never again do you need to close us shop early because your tablet battery is dying. I found this case and it is amazing what all I can hold in it. Currently, I have my Logitech Crayon, an iPad charger block and USB-Lightning cable, my Apple AirPods, wired EarPods in case the AirPods die (I listen to A LOT of podcasts), a charging cable for my keyboard, and a lightning/3.5mm adapter for my iPhone. There are multiple mesh pockets, two elastic bands to hold things in place, and a cut-out space for the charging block. Genius!

What about you?

So, there’s my remote-workday setup. What items do you find the most useful when you work remotely? What tips and tricks can’t you live without when you’re working on the go? Share your thoughts by replying in the comments on our Facebook and Instagram!


Full disclosure, I get a small percentage of any Amazon purchases made from this page. But these are all things I was using and loving long before that. Enjoy!


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