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4 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Email Signature

Have you ever gotten an email and noticed a really great signature at the bottom? More likely, have you ever noticed a really bad one? It may seem like a simple thing, but you might be surprised at how easy it is for people to mess up. Let’s get a couple of easy ones out of the way first…

1. The Default Mobile Signature

If you’re sending emails from your phone or tablet, make sure you get rid of the default signature that might be attaching itself to your emails. If someone receives an email from you that ends with the line, “sent from my iPhone. Please excuse the type-os.” then you’ve done something wrong. Mobile signatures like this are lazy. On top of that, they don’t make much sense. Most people type on their mobile devices these days, so it’s not like you’re using some new technology that you shouldn’t be expected to know how to use. On top of that, mobile devices tend to autocorrect better than desktop computers! Clean up your own type-os (download a free keyboard like Grammarly if you need to) and don’t use a signature like this.

2. The Nonexistent Signature

Another easy email signature mistake to avoid is not having one! It’s a super easy thing to do…just go into your email settings, find the spot that says Signature, and for goodness sake, at least type your own name there! Your elementary school teachers will find you if you don’t put your name on it.

Now for a couple more email signature no-no’s…

3. The Year 2000 Glitter Signature

If you have an email signature with your name in any sort of pink and/or glittery font, even in the fun format of a GIF…you’re doing it wrong. There’s no professional in the world who will take you seriously if your email signature looks like something out of a Barbie commercial. A simple, clean signature is a million times better.

4. Unnecessary Information

One of the silliest things some people do is to include their email address in their email signature. Really? Unless you’re typing up your email, sending it to yourself, then printing it to hand deliver, you don’t need to tell them your email address…by the time you send it, they’ll already have it. Duh.


So, what should you include in your email signature? It’s pretty simple really. The basic info:

  • Your name (required)

  • Your title (if applicable)

  • Your website (if applicable)

  • Your phone number (if applicable)

Depending on what email service you’re using, you might also be able to add a photo. PLEASE don’t use this as an opportunity to add a photo of anything other than yourself! The only thing you should upload here is a high-quality, professional-looking picture of yourself.


Follow these tips for an effective & professional email signature!

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