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1 Tip for Entrepreneurs of Each Enneagram Type

If you're an entrepreneur, you probably find yourself constantly fluctuating between "This is great! I'm really doing this!" to "Oh no, this will never work!" While the ride can be both fun and rewarding, if we are honest we can also admit that it is taxing. It's tough on us physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

So here is one little tip for entrepreneurs of each enneagram type. Feel free to share other tips that you've seen work for your type in the comments/on social media wherever you find this post!

1- Find “good enough.”

Ones are usually obsessed with getting everything just right. But there's a big problem with that (which you are likely already aware of): If you always aim for perfect, you’ll never start and you'll never get anywhere. So what is the solution? Decide to settle for "good enough." Risk being wrong, then adjust as necessary. You can always improve as you go.

2- Stay focused.

Twos are superheroes, always flying in to help others in their hour of need. While you shouldn't lose that amazing quality, you will find that as you start your business, you’re going to encounter a lot of needs that you could meet. But you need to stay focused and not try to do everything. Saying yes to one thing always means saying no to something else. Stay focused on what you are there to do! Maybe think of creative ways you can remind yourself of this: put a note on your bathroom mirror, review your vision statement each Monday, etc.

3- Double-down on relationships.

Threes are hard-workers who seem to always have energy for the task at hand. As a Three, you’re going to get excited about what you do; that’s a good thing. However, you’ll be tempted to set relationships on the back burner because it seems like an inefficient use of your time. Don’t give in. You may not need to close relationships now, but you will soon enough. Make sure you keep them healthy now so that they are still available when you need them later. 

4- Understand & ride the waves.

Fours tend to be the most emotionally up and down people on the enneagram. So when they’re venturing out into entrepreneurship, and it’s going well, it’s amazing. But when something goes unexpectedly bad, Fours can lose their momentum quickly. Remember that emotions come in waves, and just like real waves, another one always comes. So when you get down about something, just be patient. Another wave of good is coming soon.

5- Commit to launch-dates.

Fives are brilliant! They can research and plan better than almost anyone. So, Fives, here's what you need to keep in mind: Planning is great. Research is great. Doing your homework and knowing your stuff before starting is great. But there will always be more research you could do & more books to read. But if you never stop preparing, you’ll never actually start. Set a launch date on projects, then do all the prep you can before that deadline. When the deadline comes, launch. You can treat the whole thing as an experiment. Observe how it goes, make adjustments, then repeat the experiment again.

6- Use anxiety as a starting point.

Sixes often think in terms of worst-case-scenarios, and they can get anxious or overwhelmed by that. The problem is that it often starts and stops right there. Sixes, don’t let anxiety be the end-result. Ask yourself, “Okay, so if this really does happen, what would I do in response?” Write down your answers and turn them into actual emergency plans. You’ll feel much more prepared when you realize you know what to do if the worst does actually happen.

7- Do one boring thing every day.

Sevens have ideas and dreams galore. And they’re usually exciting! The hard part comes when a Seven has to buckle down and do the boring tasks that come with every great idea. Rather than putting that stuff off and letting it pile up on you, practice doing at least one boring task every day. This way you are at least making progress on it, and when you do have to spend extra time on the boring or menial necessities, you’re not out of practice. (I dare you to try standing in the longer line at the grocery store...)

8- Don’t let your passion control you.

Eights are usually fiery and passionate and they don’t like being told what to do. Ironically they often end up taking on far more than what they need to because they think if they don’t do it, it probably won’t get done. They can get overwhelmed and bitter because they think everyone else has just left all this responsibility on their plate…but in reality, Eights often take on things that no one ever asked them to. Eights, you need to look at the big picture. Be your own boss and put healthy boundaries on yourself so you can make a long-term impact.

9- Crowdsource your energy

Nines have an incredible ability to understand other people's perspectives. They can also get tired and disengaged when conflict arises. Nines, when that happens, you need to find a source of inspiration from someone decisive: a person you know, a book, a podcast, etc. Get away from everything for an hour, a day, or a weekend and spend time with your source of inspiration and absorb the qualities you need to press forward. You’ll come back refreshed and focused.

Press On

So, what are you waiting for? Write down your next steps right now. For extra accountability, share it with someone else. Start implementing these small ideas into your entrepreneur-life now so that you can reap the big benefits for years to come.


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