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Working Together on Project

Team Enneagram Workshop

The Team Enneagram Workshop is our flagship offering. Team members learn about themselves, how to communicate better, and how to improve teamwork. Get more info here.

3.5-4 hrs

Online or In-person

Staff Meeting

Enneagram For Leaders

The Enneagram for Leaders workshop is perfect for any company with lots of mid-level management or emerging leaders. Take your top performers and equip them with the people-skills they need to help your teams thrive in every season.

3 hrs

Online or In-person

Business Conference

Enneagram For Executives

The Enneagram for Executives workshop is designed to take your executive team or board of directors to the next level of teamwork, leadership, effectiveness. You will learn about the basics of the enneagram, understand your specific team dynamic, and learn how to make sure that everyone is able to contribute their best work.

2 hrs

Online or In-person

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Group Intensive

Have a group of leaders that you want to go deep with? Supercharge each person’s leadership capacity by diving into 1 of 6 sessions (or do all six). Great for executive leadership teams.

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Offsites, Retreats, Annual Reviews, etc

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"Understanding your team is one of the best ways to grow as a leader. Your Teamwork Coach is the real deal. Your team will walk away motivated and empowered. And as you know, when your team gets healthy, your business gets healthy.“

Daniel, Deliver Hope