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The 100X Teams Program

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The 100X Teams Program is a comprehensive teamwork development plan that will help your team bring their best each and every day. This ongoing process will help leaders lead their teams better and unlock the potential of each team member, creating a positive culture where people love to work.

Quarterly Team Performance Assessment

Our quarterly assessment is the open-secret to our 100X Teams Program. Rather than randomly selecting content to give to your team, our assessment measures 5 key metrics that help your team thrive (Communication, Relationships, Alignment, Execution, and Capacity). Each quarter, we'll use the assessment to understand what is going well and where we need to focus. For that quarter, each of the Team Training Sessions will be specifically focused on improving the team's lowest score. 

Monthly Leader Session

Each month, we'll meet one-on-one with the team leader to discuss and coach through assessment results as well as other team-related issues the leader may be facing. 

Monthly Team Training Sessions

We'll meet monthly with the entire team to equip them with practical tools to address real issues they are facing. 

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Every month, we will also provide a one-on-one coaching session for another member of the team. The team leader may choose to assign these on a rotation to everyone, with key leaders on the team, or simply on an as-needed basis for any team member.

Monthly Onboarding

One of the biggest problems with leadership training is when new team members are brought on-board. If they missed out on the initial sessions, they are almost always left in the dark when the team discusses leadership development. In our monthly onboarding session, we will bring any new team members up to speed with a crash-course version of the foundational content we've covered with your team already.

Ready to start the 100X Teams Program? Still have questions? Either way, your next step is to schedule a call. Click the button below to get started.

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