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Grow healthy leaders.
Build high-performing teams.


Ryan Mayfield

Teamwork Coach, Leadership Consultant

Leaders and Their Teams Often Fail for One of Six Reasons

You can avoid these pitfalls


New leaders lack leadership skills.


Unintentional teams have poor communication.


Seasoned leaders don’t understand their teams.


Untrusting teams struggle with drama and gossip.


Lonely leaders are overwhelmed by other people’s problems.


Unhealthy teams have toxic culture and high turnover.

These six problems are at the core of most team disasters. Your Teamwork Coach will help you equip leaders so your teams thrive.

Clients can engage Your Teamwork Coach to grow healthy leaders and build high-performing teams in six different ways:

5 Voices Assessment

 The 5 Voices Assessment helps individuals understand their leadership voice and how to bring their best to their team every single day. You’ll receive in-depth insights for how to interact with everyone around you.
COST: Free or upgrade to the PRO version for $49/assessment


“Huge shoutout and thank you to Your Teamwork Coach for the coaching and team training with my firm. I highly recommend this for any leader or team who wants better communication among their team!”

Laura H

CPA, Accounting Firm Owner

Growing healthy leaders and building high-performing teams means creating environments where every person can bring their best contributions ever day.

"In the almost 10 years I've been with my organization, I've participated in many different iterations of team building, seminars, & personality tests...Nothing has resonated so strongly as the 5 Voices content. Participation in 5 Voices has been time well spent for me personally and professionally."

Ryan B

Non Profit, Director of Training

  • Most teams operate at less than 60% of their potential.

  • Leaders rarely, if ever, hear the truth from their people.

  • 82% of team members feel misunderstood and undervalued.

  • Leaders undermine their influence every day without even knowing it.

Working with Your Teamwork Coach is Easy!


Schedule A Call

In 30 minutes, we'll discuss your biggest challenges and create a plan of action.


Receive A Proposal

You'll receive a proposal to review. If accepted, we'll plan dates and set up payment.


Grow & Build

Begin seeing the results as your leaders get healthier and your team's performance improves!

Leading a team is already hard enough.

Personality differences and communication styles make it even harder. To be a healthy leader, you have to first know yourself in order to lead yourself. And to build a high-performing team, you have to know others before you can lead others. Very few leaders truly understand themselves and their teams, which is why most teams only operate at about 58% of their true potential. 


Schedule a call with us today and let’s get started building healthy leaders and high-performing teams inside of your organization. To schedule a call, simply click below.

Trusted by these and many others!

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“Your Teamwork Coach has been the best investment in our team culture for our business.”

Stephen A

Restoration Company Owner

Take the 5-Voices Assessment and Get a Custom Report on Your Leadership and Communication Style


Everyone speaks, but not everyone is heard. The 5 Voices Assessment will help you understand your own voice and how to better collaborate with and lead others.


What is your leadership voice? Click below to find out.

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