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Need a speaker for your next event?

Ryan loves to speak to audiences of all sizes and offers a wide variety of topics. Don’t see the topic you want? Reach out and we’ll see what we can do to meet your needs. 

Becoming A Leader Worth Following 

Leadership isn’t easy. In fact, it is a lot like climbing a mountain. And the best leaders don’t focus on getting themselves to the top, but on taking as many people as possible with them to the summit. In this talk, you’ll be challenged to re-examine your leadership tendencies in order to become a leader that others want to follow. 

Discovering Your Leadership Voice

On most teams, everyone speaks, but not everyone is heard. When everyone‘s voice fails to be heard, it creates all kinds of issues on teams and those teams consistently perform well below their potential. Team members aren‘t fulfilled and they aren’t engaged. In this talk, you’ll identify your leadership voice and learn how each person can bring their best to their team, every day. 


Finding Peace In The Chaos

The world is longing for peace. But everywhere you look, peace is hard to find. In order to have external peace, leaders first have to develop ability to have inner peace. In this talk, you’ll learn a powerful five-part framework to help you find peace in the midst of chaos and become the reliable leader that your team (and the world) needs. 

Being Present And Productive

Just a second…let me finish this email…

Do you ever struggle to be both present and productive? Do you find that members of your team just aren’t in sync when it comes to working at the same pace at the same time on the same projects? In this talk, you’ll learn about The 5 Gears and how they can create a common language for your team so that they can be in the right gear at the right time and get more done while also avoiding burnout and frustration. 

Hardware Tools

Toolkit Sessions

The Toolkit Sessions are a great way to invest and make a tremendous impact in your team without spending a lot of time. It is perfect for time-starved teams, high-potential teams that just need "that one missing piece" to take them to the next level, or as the foundation for a new leader training program or coaching curriculum. There are 12 sessions total, each lasting 45-60min.

Ready to book Ryan to speak at your event? Still have questions? Either way, your next step is to schedule a call. Click the button below to get started.

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