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Need a leadership development program?

Your Teamwork Coach offers a variety of plans to help you develop the leaders your organization needs. Each program is a multi-part process that guides participants on a growth journey to unlock their potential and become a leader that others love to follow.

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Altitude Training

Altitude Training is a 12-Month transformational process for leaders looking to take their leadership skills and performance to the next level. This program is designed to help you move from good to great as you become a leader worth following, not just someone people have to follow. Throughout the program, we will help you become crystal clear on your leadership tendencies - from your strengths to the weaknesses that undermine you - and then equip you with the tools you need to lead yourself and your people to more effective outcomes. 

XCore / XCellerate

XCore is a 12-month development program for leaders, and XCellerate is a similar program geared toward teams. These programs utilize visual tools, in-depth workshops, and group coaching to help leaders take their leadership to the next level. XCore Sessions include:

  • Liberation as a Lifestyle

  • Discover your leadership voice

  • Mastering effective communication

  • Maximizing your influence

  • Becoming productive & present

  • Personal Alignment

Discussing Books
In a Meeting

DEI: Inclusive Leadership Training

The DEI Inclusive Leadership Training is designed to equip your team with practical tools that elevate your leadership while facilitating healthy and effective DEI conversations.

Each session will teach you a new tool for enhancing your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness, all of which are key to building the kind of inclusive leadership style that draws out the best in everyone.

Toolkit Sessions

The Toolkit Sessions are a great way to invest and make a tremendous impact in your team without spending a lot of time. It is perfect for time-starved teams, high-potential teams that just need "that one missing piece" to take them to the next level, or as the foundation for a new leader training program or coaching curriculum. There are 12 sessions total, each lasting 45-60min.

Hardware Tools

Ready to start one of our programs? Still have questions? Either way, your next step is to schedule a call. Click the button below to get started.

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