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Why You Can’t Succeed Without An Enemy

Opposition. It’s not something that most people begin their day by hoping for. While that is true, let me tell you why your enemy is not just important, but critical, to your success.

A Common Foe

A Common Foe puts you, everyone on your team, and your clients all ion the same side fighting together. Often it can feel like we are on opposing sides with those that we work with, or even clients that we are trying to sell to. But if we can position ourselves as working together against a common foe, we are ready to move forward together. This means more team unity as well as more trust and buy-in from clients.

A Defined Objective

A Defined Objective means that we know exactly what it is that we must overcome together. If your enemy is trying to invade your home (Let’s just say you sell home security), then together we can know exactly what steps we need to take to foil your foe.

An Urgent Threat

Having a clear enemy gives us an Urgent Threat. When there is no perceived enemy, both we, our teams, and our clients can become lax in what we do. But an urgent threat means that we need to do something, and we need to do it now. Urgent Threats cause your team to work together with more energy, as well as giving your clients an incentive to buy quickly.

So What, Who Cares?

Can you clearly articulate what or who your enemy is? What is at stake in your business or team if your enemy prevails? How does your enemy move your clients to take action with you at their side?

If you don’t know what your enemy is, you need to figure it out, and fast! To get started, check out my free PDF called “Define Your Enemy In 3 Easy Steps.”

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