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What To Do?

What to do? It’s a curious phrase, but not uncommon for a sixth of the world’s population that lives in the Indian subcontinent. In truth, it is a rough translation of a Hindi phrase that is maybe translated better into English as “What can I do?” But “vwaat too doo?” (Indian accent recommended) is much more fun to say.

In this blog series, we’ll be talking about What To Do with people on your team of each enneagram type. On many teams that I have worked with, there are one or two dominant enneagram personality types. Every now and then, a team will be somewhat balanced, but more often they can be a little lopsided. This can make it especially difficult if you are one of the people on the team who is not part of the dominant personality type. So if that describes you or your team, this series is for you!

Over the next several weeks, we’ll highlight each of the nine types and what you can do as a part of a team dominated by each type. Stay tuned! 


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