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The Customer Isn’t Always Right

“The customer is always right.”

You’ve probably heard this old adage many times. I doubt anybody really knows where it came from, and anybody who has ever had customers would probably admit that it is less than 100% accurate. So, I have a statement that I think might better serve both us and our customers.

“The customer is always on a journey.”

Everyone is on a journey, each day. Some people want to end the day as a better mom or dad or spouse. Some people are on a journey to discover what they’re good at or what they are passionate about. Others are trying to build a team that sticks together for the long-haul.

If we believe that the customer is always right, we may end up giving them a product or service that we know they don’t need or will not actually help them accomplish their goals. But if we will alter our mindset to say that the customer is always on a journey, and if we can slow down to take the time to understand that journey, then we can better help them on their way, as well as establish ourselves as someone who actually cares about our customer’s goals and not just their wallets.

What do you think would happen if we grew reputations for being great guides rather than great salespeople? Do you think that kind of reputation would help your business? Obviously, the answer is yes. That reputation far surpasses getting customers to buy something from you once and instead helps create loyal fans of you and your brand that will keep coming back, and even tell their friends about you.

The customer is always on a journey. You get to be the guide that helps them get to where they want to go.


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