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Even MJ Needed A Coach

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Fight me on it.

But even MJ couldn’t win championships on his own. He needed two critical things:

  • A team he knew

  • A coach he trusted

MJ is the man, but even he would tell you that without the incredible chemistry between him and his teammates, they wouldn’t have gotten far. Knowing your team and how to play together is critical for success.

The second thing MJ needed to succeed was a coach he trusted. Was his coach ever a better basketball player than him? Absolutely not. But his coach could see things that MJ could not, and because of this, he had the ability to take MJ’s legendary talent and shape it into championships. Having a coach that helps guide your leadership is critical to your success.

Enneagram training is the best way for a team to learn about themselves and each other. Using the Enneagram, you’ll not just focus on “what you do” or even “how you do it,” but on underlying, core motivations that reveal “why you do” what you do. When we know our core motivations, we can communicate in a deeper, more effective way, which leads to that incredible team chemistry that we all need to succeed.

But even after team training, you may find yourself in need of more ongoing coaching. The best coaches know the strengths and weaknesses of their team, and Enneagram coaching can provide just that. Having someone to walk alongside you and your team, coaching you towards your goals based on the specific knowledge gained through enneagram training is one of the most impactful and effective elements you can employ towards your team’s success and growth.

Even MJ needed a team. Even MJ needed a coach.


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