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An Open Letter To Enneagram Sevens

Dear Seven,

I’ll keep this short since I know there are about a million other places you would rather be!

What’s the best adventure you’ve ever been on? What about it really got your blood pumping and your adrenaline flowing? What is it, do you think, about adventure and story that is so powerful?

Let’s be honest: sometimes life can be hard. It would be much more fun in those moments to be skydiving, climbing a mountain, singing karaoke at a bar, or maybe just driving around blasting your favorite song to nobody but yourself.

And I know, you can’t always just leave your problems behind and have fun. But it is nice sometimes to just distract yourself and get above it all. I get it. Why do you think that is? Is it that life is actually hard, or that too often hard things get in the way of life itself?

Okay, can I ask you a harder question now? Ready?

What do you do after you finish that fun distraction, but the hard stuff of life hasn’t gone away?

Dealing with the problems in the world, specifically the ones that refuse to go away, is absolutely no fun. But even less fun than that is having those same problems follow you around, ruining all the adventures and experiences that truly make up the life we desire.

If we are going to really, truly experience all that life has for us, the hard truth is that we have to take a moment to address the stupid, no-fun parts of life. You may not like it now, but actually dealing with it, and getting it out of the way will clear the path for us to create all the memories we want, without being interrupted in the middle of a story like some ill-timed commercial break in the middle of a great show.

So, that’s all. Not keeping you long here. Just a little encouragement to enjoy life to the fullest, and a reminder that enjoying life to the fullest means dealing with problems now so that they don’t crash the party later.

Alright, enough of this. Get out there and enjoy the world.


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