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3 Ways to Speak to Clients’ Core Needs, Pt 3

Last week we looked at the second way to speak to clients’ core needs: Image. This week, we’ll look at the third way.


The third core need we can learn to speak to is Security. Another good word for this would be Stability. People whose primary concern is security may still care about practicality and perception, but they just take a back seat to security and stability.

Again sticking with our real estate example, the person who’s core need is Security will likely be looking for houses not with really good “curb appeal” like the Image-driven person, but in many ways the opposite. They will want something that doesn’t catch the eye. Maybe something far away from the road, behind a line of trees. Or something with a very private, fenced-in back yard. They might also put a high priority on having a garage they can safely store their vehicles in, rather than parking them in a carport or driveway. If the Realtor knows this and uses this info to filter the houses they show, they can better meet their client’s core needs, and thus end up with a happier customer!

What if we learned to speak our clients’ core motivation of security? If you sense that a client’s biggest concern is security or stability, you can guide them to the option that best fits their deepest desires and needs.


Next week, we’ll wrap up this series by talking about how you can learn a person’s core motivation through conversation.

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