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3 Ways to Speak to Clients’ Core Needs, Pt 2

Last week we looked at one way to speak to clients’ core needs: Practicality. This week, we’ll look at the second way.


The second core need we can learn to speak to is Perception. Another good word for this would be Image. Now, hearing that, you may immediately get a negative taste in your mouth. However, it shouldn’t be that way; not inherently, at least.

Image-management is important for a lot of different reasons. If you are building or running a business, making sure you have a positive image/perception is absolutely critical to your success!

To stick with our example from last week of buying a home, the person who’s core need is Image will likely be looking for houses with really good “curb appeal.” The Realtor would want to focus on that as they are showing them different homes. In this way, they can better meet their client’s core needs, and thus end up with a happier customer!

What if we learned to speak our clients’ core motivation of perception? If you sense that a client’s biggest concern is perception or image, you can guide them to the option that best fits their deepest desires and needs.


Next week, we’ll look at the third and final core motivation. And finally, we’ll close out the series with how you can discern a person’s motivation through conversation.

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