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3 Ways to Speak to Clients’ Core Needs, Pt 1

If you’re in business, you are hopefully selling a product or service that meets a need for someone. After all, that’s basically what business is. Most people market their product or service to people’s surface-needs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, the big problem with this strategy is that, for most businesses, there are multiple other businesses out there offering a similar product or service to meet a similar need. So how do you stand out above your competition?

The answer is to speak to your clients’ core needs, not just the surface ones. There are three main motivations that people have, and every single person defaults to one of those three. Spending your time speaking to that core motivation will help you be more successful in selling your product or service, and will help you better meet your clients’ needs.

This week, let’s look at the first of those 3 motivations:

Practicality: Is this right?

For many people, the primary core need is to be practical, or you could say to be right. If they’re buying a home, they want a place that is in the right budget, the right school zone, and not a ridiculous way away from work. This doesn’t mean that they have no other desires for their home; it just means those are the ones that they care about most.

What if we learned to speak our clients’ core motivation of practicality? If you sense that a client’s biggest concern is practicality or rightness, you can guide them to the option that best fits their deepest desires and needs.


Next week, we’ll look at the second core motivation. Of course, the next week will bring the third and final motivation. And finally, we’ll close out the series with how you can discern a person’s motivation through conversation.

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