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Introducing an Idea

The 100X Leader Program

The 100X Leader Program focuses on two things: helping leaders get 100% healthy and equipping them to multiply that health into the other people around them. 

For Individuals

The 100X Leader Intensive consists of a 6 sessions, paired with regular coaching, that helps leaders understand their personal wirings, leadership and communication skills, set healthy rhythms, and create a gameplan to help them continue to be a healthy leader inside of their family, team, organization, and community.

Earth and Space

Executive Performance Coaching

EPC is a multi-part intensive coaching process that will help already-high-level executives unlock the real, hidden potential of their personalities and wiring. Through multiple one-on-one sessions, we'll help you understand how each facet of your personalitie uniquely works together, how to unlock you best performance, decode stress behaviors, understand your leadership voice, differentiate your nature vs nuture, and how to predict synergy and conflict with everyone around you.

Executive Performance Coaching

Coming Soon: The Life Intensive

The 100X Life Intensive is a deep dive which consists of several one-on-one sessions where leaders will understand their tendencies at a new level that will have a profound impact on every part of their lives. This program is geared towards executive-level leaders who want to revolutionize the way they lead.

Discussing Books

For Groups

The 100X Leader Cohort consists of a 6-session workshop series, paired with individual or group coaching, to help leaders become healthy themselves and to build other healthy leaders inside of their team and their organization.

Ready to start one of our programs? Still have questions? Either way, your next step is to schedule a call. Click the button below to get started.

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