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Need an assessment for yourself or your team?

YTC offers multiple assessments ranging from team/organizational all the way to individuals. Want to do assessments with your whole team? Use the button below to schedule a time to chat.


The 5 Voices Assessment

On most teams, everyone speaks, but not everyone is heard. When everyone‘s voice fails to be heard, it creates all kinds of issues on teams and those teams consistently perform well below their potential. Team members aren‘t fulfilled and they aren’t engaged.

The 5 Voices assessment will help you understand and unlock the power of your leadership and communication style.

The Enneagram Assessment

The enneagram is an ancient personality typing index. It looks at core motivations and helps individuals understand themselves and each other at a deep level. It can be used in a wide variety of ways and is extremely insightful. 

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The Peace Index Assessment

The world is longing for peace. But everywhere you look, peace is hard to find. In order to have external peace, leaders first have to develop the ability to have inner peace. The Peace Index assessment will help you understand your next steps in developing inner peace so that you can become the leader others deserve.

The Team Performance Survey

The Team Performance Survey focuses on 5 key metrics of a high-performing team:

  • Communication

  • Relationships

  • Alignment

  • Execution

  • Capacity

The Team Performance Survey will help you diagnose what's not working on your team and make a plan to fix it.

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Leader 360

The Leader 360 will give you a full-spectrum view of your leadership tendencies as they are experienced by those you lead. You'll be able to identify strengths and growth areas and create an impactful personal leadership development plan.

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